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Well-known diesel generator set manufacturer
Well-known diesel generator set manufacturer
Substation infrastru

Substation infrastru

Machine is assembled to several substations in Guangdong in case of ...

Urban emergency powe

Urban emergency powe

Supply dozens of high-power generator sets to provide power guarante...

Big database

Big database

Dozens of 1 kilowatt generating units are sent to East China for dat...

Regional development

Regional development

The unit has been sent to mountainous or harsh areas for development...



years of strength

Strength manufacturersDomestic well-known diesel generator set manufacturer

Modern standard workshop of 10,000 square meters Annual production of more than 2,000 diesel generator sets Many years of experience in generating set production

Harsh craftsmanshipIntroduce foreign excellent production equipment

Built a modern low-noise diesel generator test center The product power part selects domestic and imported engines according to customer needs. Provide high-quality all-copper generators to provide professional power solutions.

Professional teamDozens of elite teams to meet customer's personalized customization needs

Well-trained generator commissioning staff Comprehensive grasp of client group usage and provide professional maintenance. Products are sold throughout the country, as far as Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States.

After sales serviceStar after-sales service team to solve your
after-sales problems

7 * 24 hours intimate service, quick response within two hours Professional technical team, providing high-quality, money-saving and time-saving solutions. National Service Hotline: 0769-22205886 Can ship quickly, urgently you need, product questions, can arrive on-site to answer in time.
About us
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Dongguan , Guangdong and we have set a service station in Tongsha.The company has been set up for more than 10 years .The company has a number of outstanding professional and technical personnel and has accumulated a set of turbine service technicians. In the mainland of China,we mainly engaged in Acting US Cummins, Caterpillar, the British Rolls-Royce, Mitsubishi, Shanghai Dongfeng diesel generator sets and other well-known brands.We provide original spare parts, maintenance crew, maintenance, more units network engineering and other services.

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Custom Hotline: 13669869988(7 days * 24 hours)


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